The Working Sm@rt Productivity Questionnaire will help you identify your strengths and challenges in the area of workload management and related technology.

The questionnaire covers not only the personal skills and behaviors to perform effectively but how they relate to team work. The 34 item questionnaire is designed in two parts:

Part A: Assess your essential workload management skills, habits and processes in seven different topics: planning, delegation, communication, information management, meetings, stress and working in teams.

Part B: Assess your use of proven essential technology tools to stay on task, manage electronic documents, e-mail control, information sharing, team collaboration and remote connectivity.

How it works
You complete the on-line self-assessment questionnaire (it takes about 5 minutes) and you will receive and print out an immediate report on the results of the analysis.

Take the first step now to improve performance for life.

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Introducing The Working Sm@rt Time Management Line up

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